Run The Year FAQ

Run The Year 2017 is a fitness challenge that motivates participants to complete 2,017 miles in the year 2017. Miles can be completed individually or split among a team, by walking, running, jogging, hiking, etc - just make sure to use your feet! (No bikes!) Complete your miles on your own time and in your own manner. We will provide you with an online mileage tracker for you to log your mileage totals to keep track of progress and receive milestone notifications.

Nope! Everyone is welcome to register! We are happy to ship internationally as well as to all APO/FPO military addresses. If you have questions about your address, please Contact Us

You can create a team of up to 4 people very easily in our online tracker. Once your whole team is registered, you can find teammates and connect with them using their email address. The online tracker will keep track of your individual miles as well as your team’s miles. You can only be on one team at a time in the tracker. It’s very easy to switch to a new team, but once you leave a team, all of your miles will leave with you. And no, the 2,017 miles don’t have to be split evenly between teammates, you can divide them up however you want!

Participation in the 12 Monthly Challenges is FREE for all registered participants. When you register, you will be asked if you would like to participate. Once you’ve opted in, you’ll receive email updates from us throughout the year on the Monthly Challenges. You can access the current month's challenge as well as past month's challenges in your online tracker.

It was most likely swallowed by the internet. Please send us an email at or contact us here. Make sure to include your full name and email address and we will help you figure out what happened.

Everyone on your team will need to be registered individually (you'll create your team in the online mileage tracker). If you know all of their information (email, shipping address, etc) you can register them through the registration page here.

Yes! Our payment processor is safe and secure. If you have a question feel free to contact us here.

Our only rules are that miles be completed on your feet and in the year 2017. This is a personal challenge, so you’ll need to ask yourself what your rules will be. For some, the challenge comes from only counting intentional exercise. Others count their daily steps toward their total miles. Everyone brings a different set of circumstances, experience, and fitness to this challenge. We all support each other no matter how we choose to complete the miles.

Our tracker syncs with Garmin and Fitbit but you can easily add your miles manually as well! Once you’re in the mileage tracker, you’ll see sync buttons near your calendar to sync a device.

First, please double check your confirmation email to verify what you ordered. The Deluxe and Get It All Packages include gear, however the Basic Package does not include any physical gear that is mailed. Second, search your email inbox for an email from as your tracking information would have been emailed from them. If that does not provide the help you need, please email us at or Contact Us

Please know that we ship out registration packages approximately once per week. If it’s been less than a week since you registered, we greatly appreciate your patience!